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How to let your client know that you cannot meet the deadline

Sometimes things may come up out of the blue you have no control over. Maybe you are experiencing technical difficulties or you need more time to complete your assignment after recognizing it is taking longer than anticipated to complete. You realize you may not meet the deadline for whatever reason and you need to let your client know as soon as possible. You may worry they won’t understand and you feel bad you won’t make the deadline. So, how do you raise the issue with your client in a professional manner?

Be Honest and Gfreelance writers miss deadlinesive Your Reason

Approach your client and mention to them you will not meet the deadline and stay your reason. You may begin the communication by stating your issue and how it may affect your ability in meeting your deadline. In providing clarity on your end you give your client more understanding so they can provide through feedback. In many cases when you bring the matter to their attention early, they may be more considerable in giving you more time.

Provide an Alternative Solution

Depending on the situation you may be able to provide another option for the client. You can mention when you can have it done if time goes beyond the deadline. You may offer to have a portion of the project completed by a certain time before the deadline and let them know when the rest will be completed afterwards. You may need to get more information from the client regarding their need for the content to be completed by the deadline in order for you to give a possible solution.

Discuss with Client a Deadline Extension

You may want to ask your client if the deadline can be extended. This may be the case especially if your project requires more time for research, revisions, and other tasks. In most cases it will depend on why more time is needed. You may fall ill, have needs to take care of away from the computer, or technical problems with internet connect may require more or less time. If your client is adamant about meeting the deadline consider recommending another writer if you are unable to have it completed. Usual, clients understand if you let them know in advance. You may be able to get more time that both of you can agree with.