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How do freelance writers connect with students in need of help?

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The most common way to do this is to join a freelance site. Most websites that help freelancers and clients find each other to work together do take a fee for their services, but it can lead to even more work. If you find you trust someone through a site like this, then you could do future work on your own outside of the third party. It’s hard to find students directly because they aren’t exactly placing ads online looking for writers. Most students will go through a company to hire a writer. This provides security to both you and the student, because neither of you want to be cheated.

Working for a Writing Service Online


Every company will have different guidelines, but make sure you know them all and follow them. Things like plagiarism are especially important to be aware of, because breaking those rules will likely result in your termination. If there are working conditions, you don’t agree with, you could contact the company and ask them about it. Not all writing services have the same values or company culture, so you can always look elsewhere if this one doesn’t fit your needs.

Once you have found a job, it’s a good idea to take smaller projects at first. Unless you’re an expert on dissertation writing, you should probably stick to essay writing until you get more experience with this writing company.

Tips for Finding Clients

If you have experience with a particular subject, like math or science, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. You can specialize in writing science research papers or algebra homework on the writing site you are a part of, and help students with their specific assignments. Students will love to work with you because of that experience, and once you get some feedback and work done, you’ll be in an even better place to pick which students you’re willing to help.