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Spotting a scam freelance writing provider

Whether you are a new or experienced freelance writer there are things you should know about spotting scam freelance writing providers. This is distinguishing legitimate providers from those that may not offer true opportunities that will benefit you as a freelance writer. In some cases scams are easier to notice when you spot red flags earlier on. The provider may just want money from you or in most cases you end up wasting time applying for opportunities that are not real. The following points are a few areas to consider that can help you spot unscrupulous providers.

Poor Organization of Website Content

The homepage of the website can have a few clues to watch out for that may catch your attention pretty quickly. Some providers may have misspelled words, improper sentence structure and other writing errors that are noticeable throughout any written content on the page. This is unprofessional and it gives a poor impression the webmaster did not take the tune to review written information. Lack of contact details, numerous click and pop-up ads, and limited amount of writing jobs can also be indicators of a scam.

You Have To Pay freelance writing scamTo Get Access to Jobs

Legitimate providers will not charge freelancers to access jobs on their site. Although, there are a few membership sites that offer additional benefits that are useful to the freelancer if they choose to take part in them. But, even sites that offer membership opportunities will still allow freelancers to sign up for free access. You have to pay close attention to details the provider gives. In some cases information is bogus when you cannot find something or someone to verify validity of claims being made on the site about job opportunities.

No Experience Needed

This is a common claim scam providers will make just to get anyone interest to start working with them. Any writing professional knows that true clients or providers will not post related claims of this nature. They often provide detailed information about the type of experience you should have. Claims of this nature should be avoided as some sites want to collect personal information of unsuspecting freelancers to use for their own gain. When in doubt, do some research on the provider to learn more background details about jobs and claims stated. Taking time to learn more can help you protect personal information.