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How to Create a Resume for Freelance Writer Position

The life of a freelance writer means constantly seeking new clients and new projects to work on. To get the best freelance writing gigs, you’ll need a resume that will stand out from the pack and give you a leg up on the competition. Online freelance writing jobs are easy to find, but securing the contracts that will pay well and earn you good experience can be challenging.

Spend a little time reworking your resume to make sure it represents you as effectively as possible. Follow these tips to create a resume that will get you gigs you’re barely even qualified for.

  1. Focus on style.

While a little creativity can help you get some of the more interesting writing jobs, most freelance writing sites are looking for more traditional resume formats. Keep the style of your resume simple, and showcase your originality in your resume’s content.

If you choose to organize your content chronologically, you’ll need to list your experience as a writer, showcasing your most recent positions. Or, you can arrange your experience by skill, providing a list of some of your strongest assets and detailing the projects you worked on that fall under each category.

  1. Include relevant experience.

Most freelance writers have plenty of work experience under their belt that likely won’t apply to the projects you’re looking for now. Instead of overwhelming potential clients with a huge list of past positions, narrow your experience down to the best, most relevant jobs.

Make a list of all the projects you’ve worked on, and include a brief description of each one. Then, depending on the gig you’re hoping to land, send freelance writing companies a customized resume that details the most impressive related experience. Then, make sure you include any regular job experience you have to show your work ethic and career history.

  1. Keep it short.

Freelance writing websites generally aren’t looking for a lot of details – and no one wants to read a three-page resume. A resume for freelance writing is most effective if it’s kept to a maximum of one page with specific, concise descriptions of previous experience. You should only extend your resume to a second page if you plan to include work samples or portfolio pieces.

  1. Work on your pitch.

Clients looking for freelance writers want to know how you can help them – and while your resume and past experience might be impressive, it’s always a good idea to clearly state what you will bring to the project. This can be included in your cover letter or email, but it also works at the top of your resume by way of introduction.

  1. Develop an online presence.

If you hope to make a career out of offering freelance writing services, you’ll need a strong website and presence on social media. Your website is where you can showcase your portfolio and samples of completed projects, and it demonstrates to potential clients that you are serious about your freelance writing. If you include links to social media accounts, make sure they are professional and interesting.

  1. Be original.

When freelance writing companies are hiring new writers, they’re looking for someone who will make them look good. Let your personality shine through in your resume and grab their attention with a little something extra to ensure your application will get a second look. Include some unique interests or skills, or add a little flair to your resume design. Yours will be one of hundreds of resumes from applicants looking for freelance writing jobs, so it’s always worth the effort to make a strong first impression.