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The problem of self-discipline among freelance editors

Writing and editing can be a lonely pursuit, whether articles, novels, website content, press releases or even poetry. If you seriously want to work as a freelance editor or writer, you need to figure out how you can deal with this. Even people who are naturally introverts need human connection and socializing to keep them balanced. Having no willpower or self-discipline is a problem because it prevents you not only from working effectively but also from balancing your work with life. When you work from home, the lines between work and personal are blurred more than normal. You need to find a way to separate your two hats.

Having More Self Control

This is something that all people desire at one or more points in their lives. People want to stop eating too much, walk more, spend more time with family, work less, make more money, etc. and it all comes down to self-discipline or self-control. So how do you do this? There isn’t some magical answer to helping you here; it all comes with practice self-discipline among freelance writersand experience. The best way to change your habits and balance your life is making small changes in the moment of weakness.

Let’s say your friends invite you out to a club for a fun time, but you have an article or other project to edit, due the next day. If you went with them for a break and then got back to work, you could say yes. You have to decide if leaving would make you unable to finish, or if a break is just what you need to be able to work more. It depends partly on your personality, and partly on the timing. If you’re really scrapped for time, it might be better to tell your friends you’ll come next time, and then finish editing your article.

How to Develop Good Habits

Self-control and discipline also comes around to your habits. If you’ve spent a lifetime during school and now work, procrastinating or being disorganized, that isn’t going to change overnight. Don’t expect too much of yourself, but do make a small change daily towards your goals. You can celebrate successes like editing an extra page than you normally do, or starting your assignments earlier. It is things like that that add up to an amazing, productive and successful freelance editor. Start living like the person you want to be.