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Top Ten Highest Paid Jobs for College Students

Getting an education is an expensive endeavor. For college students seeking to lessen their dependence on student loans, making a little extra cash working from home could be the answer you’re looking for. There are tons of online jobs for students that will allow you to make your own hours and earn a decent income.

This list of the ten highest paid online jobs for college students will help you narrow down your options and pursue something that fits your schedule and your skill set.

  1. Site

If you’re looking for freelance article writing jobs, this is a great place to get started. One of the best online jobs for college students is freelance writing, because it allows you to work from home and earn money sharpening the skills you’ll need to succeed academically.

  1. Social Media Manager

For college students who are hoping to pursue a career in marketing, managing social media accounts for a business will gain you valuable work experience while you’re banking a decent wage. You’ll be the face and the voice of the company – engaging with followers, promoting great deals, and sharing related content.

  1. Tutoring

Another easy online job for a student is tutoring – passing your knowledge and experience in a specific subject on to someone else in college, high school, or even elementary school. You can also find opportunities to work from home and teach English as a Second Language or as a Foreign Language.

  1. Data Entry

All you’ll need for this work from home job is a computer with an internet connection. Companies will hire you to either input data, transcribe audio files, or, if you have the ability, translate documents from one language to another. You won’t need much experience to get hired, either.

  1. Website Tester

Companies pay website testing services to make sure their sites are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be able to earn a good income evaluating websites – one of the best online jobs a college student could find.

  1. Search Engine Tester

Instead of evaluating individual websites, this kind of testing will have you looking at results generated by various popular search engines. You’ll be helping update their algorithms to make them more effective by testing their usefulness and accuracy.

  1. Blogger

After a bit of an initial investment to get your website set up, you can easily work from home as a college student and make some extra cash as a blogger. Express your innermost thoughts in a unique and interesting way, and start attracting the attention of advertisers and sponsors who will want you to promote affiliated products.

  1. Recruiter

Another ideal online job for college students is working as a liaison between companies and job hunters. You’ll post new job listings, sift through resumes, and even arrange preliminary interviews – all from the comfort of your own home. Not only will this job pay well, but you’ll get to see exactly what employers are looking for in potential new hires.

  1. Assistant

For college students with strong organizational and communication skills, working as a virtual assistant is the perfect way to make some extra cash. You’ll have a range of different responsibilities, depending on your clients, but you’ll be able to make your own hours and do your work online.

  1. Online Surveys

There are tons of sites out there that offer credits in exchange for completing brief questionnaires. While this isn’t exactly regular employment, it is a great work from home job for a college student. Fill out quick surveys whenever you have time, and cash in your credits for gift certificates.