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Do not waste time on assignments that strangle your sole

You don’t have to get stuck in a rut when you get writing assignments, but unfortunately this is the case when you get an assignment that is leaving you feeling unhappy. Believe it or not there are times in which a project may get the best of you in a way that may leave you feeling as if you didn’t get much accomplished, except frustration or high amounts of stress. Writers need to understand the importance of choosing assignments that will work for them instead of against them. In other words, stick to what you know or what you have an interest in to allow for positive growth.

Choosing Assignments Your Skills Will Benefit From

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Think about your skills and what you want to improve. You may even have limited skills in one area but would enjoy the opportunity to exercise what you know and develop it. The idea is to be more selective of job opportunities you apply for and where you see fit, make suggestions to potential clients to let them know your interests. There are clients that value skills of professional writers, so it helps when you can be patient in finding compatible opportunities you are a match for.

When You Can Help Others and Work on Projects of Interest

Your interests are just as important as the needs of a potential client. When you do something you are good at that is of interest you are more likely to excel in completing that task in an efficient manner. This is part of what being a professional freelancer is all about. You know your skills are needed and it is a matter of being paired up with a client that can appreciate them. When you work on projects of interest you give yourself a considerable advantage; making it nearly impossible to get bent out of shape or in a rut.

It Won’t Be Worth the Time or Effort if You Can’t Enjoy It

Sometimes writers find themselves applying for just about any job available because they have been unable to find work. Money is an important factor for many since you want to be compensated for your time and effort, even though you really could use the money. But, in some cases it may be best to wait until something else comes along that will be more suited toward your expertise and interest. Getting stressed out and frustrated may not be worth it to you or the client, especially if content quality suffers as well.